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Using Custom Stationary Template in Outlook 2010

July 19 0 Comments Category: Computing

If we need to use a custom stationary template in Microsoft Outlook 2010, we need to place template files […]

GOTA : A Web Based Information Extraction Platform

October 16 0 Comments Category: Text Engineering

Nowadays, I’m working on a web based Information Extraction project. It’s currently in working prototype stage[…]

Distributed Caching By Using Velocity

September 09 0 Comments Category: Caching

I just wanted to share my distributed caching experience. Yesterday, I completed configuration of Velocity middle-tier cache farm on an enterprise application. Benchmark results were similar to Grid Dynamic’s whitepaper results[…]

Terminating Unwanted Running Instances in Biztalk Server 2006

June 15 0 Comments Category: BizTalk Server

There may be several reasons prevent to suspend or terminate running instances in biztalk server[…]

First Data Glove Experience

While i was looking on UI engineering notes, i saw some 3D UI research results. Article was about data glove usages, problems&solutions etc. After that i ordered a cheap data glove name called p5[…]

Posting Soap Headers By Using Jax-WS

May 07 0 Comments Category: General Programming

Metro’s wsimport utility has a new option (XadditionalHeaders) which maps additional soap headers as method parameters. So we don’t have to deal […]

Thin Client Experience

January 24 0 Comments Category: Hardware

Last month, i was thinking about an economical solution for tasks like p2p(emule, bit torrent, limewire etc.), http downloadings, ftp file sharing, remote connection needings etc. These tasks keeps my desktop pc running all day. As you know […]