First Data Glove Experience

While i was looking on UI engineering notes, i saw some 3D UI research results. Article was about data glove usages, problems&solutions etc. After that i ordered a cheap data glove name called p5. Yesterday, i received and installed&configured it. (Note : 1024×768 will be the right screen resolution)

P5 is an excellent glove for its price range. It’s offical api (p5dll.dll) was enough for beginner level programming(to handle 2d tasks like mouse movement). But if the things become harder you will need extra programming skills and libraries especially to deal filtering problem. For the first day experience, i used an unoffical api that converts glove’s samplings to OSC messages. Also found an pre-ready implementation which maps glove events to GoogleMap keyboard inputs. So i started to implement this task using C# and .Net Framework. Paul Varcholik’s OSC Framework was really helpful solution in this project.

Anyway, here is the video that shows my code&data glove in action:

If you can’t watch video, here is the youtube version.