Posting Soap Headers By Using Jax-WS

Metro’s wsimport utility has a new option (XadditionalHeaders) which maps additional soap headers as method parameters. So we don’t have to deal with WSBindingProvider class anymore. So this should be the easiest and probably the most reliable solution. For ant task, use xadditionalHeaders=”true” also for commandline use -XadditionalHeaders

Thin Client Experience

Last month, i was thinking about an economical solution for tasks like p2p(emule, bit torrent, limewire etc.), http downloadings, ftp file sharing, remote connection needings etc. These tasks keeps my desktop pc running all day. As you know running pc generates disturbing sounds so i decided that i can’t continue by this way. Started googling with keywords like mini-pc, economic computer, fanless pc etc, i saw results which contains keywords like “thin client” and “zero client”.


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